About Sunland Capital

Sunland Capital is a privately-owned holding company established in 2009 to “Buy, Build and Hold” a portfolio of attractive, growth-oriented businesses. Sunland Capital acquires niche energy, industrial and infrastructure service companies in the lower middle-market. Sunland Capital’s principals have a proven track record of structuring and closing transactions as well as building small businesses into much larger companies.

Sunland Capital is strategically positioned as an attractive alternative for business owners looking to sell their company. Unlike traditional private equity buyers, Sunland Capital does not have to sell or “exit” its operating companies due to a defined fund life nor does Sunland Capital burden its operating companies with significant amounts of debt. Unlike many strategic buyers, Sunland Capital keeps the brand name and management team in place after acquiring a company and continues building the business and the team over a long-term timeframe.

Sunland Capital does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of its operating companies; however, the holding company serves as a valuable operational and financial resource for its operating company management teams. Sunland Capital’s ultimate objective is to create long-term value by growing and enhancing the profile of each individual operating company over the course of many years.

Sunland Capital Overview