Operating Companies

Sunland Capital is currently working with four independently branded operating companies as part of its portfolio of investments. Information about each of these companies is summarized below.

delta-logo www.deltadaylighting.com

Located in Houston, Texas, Delta Daylighting provides non-destructive excavation services to a broad array of industries and customers. Delta’s fleet of late-model hydro-excavation trucks are manufactured by Premier Oilfield Equipment. Delta operates throughout the Gulf Coast Region and in select other markets on a project basis.


javeler-logo www.javeler.com

Located in Delcambre, Louisiana, Javeler Marine Services provides specialized dredging services using submersible pump systems and conventional dredging equipment for customers in the oil and gas, industrial and civil sectors. Javeler operates in the Gulf of Mexico, inland waters throughout the U.S. and in select international markets. Javeler also sells spare parts and services submersible pumps for third parties.


lobo-logo www.lobotrucking.com

Lobo Trucking is a premier provider of fluids management solutions to the oilfield in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas. Lobo provides vac trucks, kill trucks, hot oil trucks, winch trucks, frac tanks and other oilfield tanks. Lobo has developed and currently operates several active saltwater disposal well facilities in Southeast New Mexico. Lobo also provides fresh water, brine water and other oilfield chemicals as well as acid pumping services to its customers.



Pete Martin Drilling is the largest provider of specialty drilling services (conductors, ratholes, mouseholes and cellar holes) in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions. Pete Martin also provides drilling services for industrial and compressor station construction projects, geothermal wells and vent shafts for mining operations. Pete Martin currently has facilities in Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma and operates throughout the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Wyoming and Utah), Mid-Continent (Oklahoma, Kansas and the Texas Panhandle) and in select other markets on a project basis.