Investment Strategy

Sunland Capital’s proactive investment strategy targets interesting market niches and businesses within these niches possessing a defensible competitive advantage. Sunland Capital focuses on the following themes in identifying interesting industry sectors and specific companies for targeted acquisition:

  • Niche Sectors Expected to Grow Faster than the Overall Market
  • Disruptive Opportunities Resulting from a Dominant Market Leader
  • New and Innovative Services or Technologies

Partnering with good management teams interested in pursuing aggressive (but prudent) growth is critical to Sunland Capital’s investment strategy. Sunland Capital’s principals do not get involved in the day-to-day operations of its operating companies; however, Sunland Capital does provide its operating companies’ management teams with the following:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Ideas for Operational Improvement
  • Financial Support and Expertise
  • Purchasing Power (Insurance, Benefits, IT, etc.)
  • Assistance in Sourcing, Evaluating and Executing Add-On Acquisitions
  • Capital for Funding Internal and External Growth Opportunities

Because Sunland Capital has no exit requirement or timeframe, Sunland Capital’s principals have a patient, long-term view of internal expansion and acquisition opportunities. Additionally, Sunland Capital does not believe in using significant amounts of bank debt to buy or build businesses. Sunland Capital is focused on enhancing its operating companies’ overall profile to create long-term value; Sunland Capital believes you build real value a little at a time over a long period of time.